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Don't let your mind go into “lòk” mode because of new and upsetting situations. Be rather ready for surprises; be prepared for the worst and learn the best from it. Appreciate the difference between a national championship and the World Cup.

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Who am I?

Hans Michel Beaugelus is an author and ecosystem builder. He is the founder of GBI (Grow your Business Initiatives). An Accounting (Tax oriented) and Management firm that offer technical as well legal support to Startups and big companies. GBI as an online platform (https://tracker.gbiht.com/) is here to lighten all legal and fiscal processes for especially startups where in a country like Haiti still perceive as a place for humanitarian deployment only. Hence, GBI enable entrepreneurs to collaborate with or hire Notaries, Attorneys and Tax specialist.

Born and educated in the capital of Haiti, he worked in international development for 4 years in several NGOs such as Cordaid Haiti, Build Change, Care Haiti and Oxfam GB. He worked also for an international business called the Libra Group located in Washington DC in one of their subsidiaries the Grace Management (Grace Hotels) for almost 6 months, before he decided to embrace a fully entrepreneur lifestyle.

Felt that he needed to contribute more for the reinforcement of business resilience, he started writing (https://hansmichel.me/in-pursuit-of-your-destiny) for entrepreneurs and professional youth who are dealing with strong depression and anxiety causes by failure, financial hardship or loss of loved one.

Since 2010, he works in strengthening Haitian start-ups and founded an association of entrepreneurs called EAPES (Entrepreneurs in Action for Economic and Social Progress), an entrepreneurship association in Port-au-Prince, platform promoting and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in Haiti through which he co-created and lead several innovative projects such as the Caravan for School Entrepreneurship program (CES) which is an entrepreneurial training program for high school and college students by providing basic and technical entrepreneurship knowledge.

He is a proud alumni of the YLAI (Youth Leaders of the Americas Initiative) program, HIVE Global leadership program, also of BEL Initiatives. A proud student from the State University of Haiti (UEH) with a Major in Business Management from INAGHEI (National Administration Institute of Management and International Study).

His life purpose is to contribute to the emancipation of a new generation of entrepreneurs, inspired business leaders that will play a major role on the social economic development of Haiti as a start.

Helping You Find Answers

By recognizing your limits and positioning yourself accordingly, you will take advantage of even the most unexpected opportunities.

Our goal is to contribute to the emancipation of a new generation of entrepreneurs, inspired by business leaders that will play a major role in the social-economic development of several regions.

Major in Business Management with a specialization in project management and another in Strategic business management. Technology & Design Driven Entrepreneurship.
EAPES, Banj, Alpha Haiti, SSBP (Sa Se Biznis Pam), Centre Impact, CDE (Coin des Entrepreneurs) Bel Initiative, YLAI (Youth Leadership for the America Initiatives), Libra Internship Program. HELP & Elan Haiti.

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