We have a demonstrated history strengthening the relationship between the government and the private sector using our skills in Business Strategy, Research, and Marketing.

Marketing Goals

Our focus is mainly to fortify a healthier social and economic environment through coaching, business counseling, anxiety and stress management.

Target Market

We mostly want to help people who are facing distress and depression, especially when it comes to managing their fear of rejection and failure.

About The Book

In a world ruled by uncertainty, an entrepreneur must become in control of his emotions in order not to sink into depression or a chronic level of anxiety.

We are talking about motivation, inspiration, and awareness of certain realities experienced and others inspired by his observation, by those around him. Far from pretending that this book can constitute a psychological guide, it will, however, be useful for all readers to take it as a reference.

You can use it to remind yourself that the road to success is indeed full of pitfalls but not impractical. Experience life but above all be determined. Pursue your goals to catch up with your destiny. After all, success can be at the other end of the tunnel.

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Hans Michel Beaugelus Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Investor

Passionate about entrepreneurship and education, Hans Michel is a graduate in business administration from the INAGHEI faculty, State University of Haiti.

This novel is his latest initiative as part of this ongoing work to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Haiti.

Know More About the Author

Radley Joseph
Event Planner, Human Resources Management, MBA student

Radley Joseph has over ten years of professional experience with various collaborations with the public and private sectors both nationally and internationally. She is a professional in Administration with orientations in project management and strategic business management. Results-oriented and constantly focusing on the impact to be made and not on the immensity of the challenges to be met. She is always positive and constantly looking for new challenges


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